Mix 08 IE 8

IE8 was briefly publically previewed (mostly in relation to standards – see earlier post) at the Mix 08 keynote, including Activities and WebSlices standards that are published under Create Commons license by Microsoft, as well as the main preview of CSS 2.1 support and in-browser debugging.

But the good news is that you can download beta1 – http://www.microsoft.com/ie/ie8

Mix08 Major Silverlight 2.0 Announcements

Silverlight 2.0 Beta 1 (formerly known as 1.1) is now available.

http://silverlight.net/GetStarted/ (bottom of the page).

See the features matrix for overview of new features.

You can also get there:

  • Silverlight Tools Beta 1 for Visual Studio 2008
  • Silverlight 2 Beta 1 SDK
  • Expression Blend 2.5 Preview

There is a Go-Live license for Silverlight 2 Beta 1

Sillvelight will be available on Windows Mobile and Nokia devices (S60/S40/Mobile Internet Tablet) – no availability given.

Silverlight uses a sub-set of WPF/XAML so you can easily create a full WPF desktop app from the same assets/code.

Mix 08 Keynote with Scott Gurthrie – Part 9

Silverlight going mobile

Going to support Windows Mobile and non-Windows Mobile.

Demo of Mixer social app:

  • Mobile 6 device
  • App allowing you to find friends for a party
  • Aggregates twitter, photos and status
  • User ratings for venues over the night

Announcement of partnership with Nokia to put Silverlight on S60/S40 and mobile internet tablet product lines!!!

Finally something cool!

Shame about the boring SVP at Nokia reading his pre-recorded announcement.

Seems like Symbian 60 is the priority. 

Demo of WeatherBug app:

  • Nokia Symbian 60 and Windows Mobile device – same app
  • Weather icons and data
  • App done in 3 weeks
  • Animated snowy weather skin – a bit slow (‘tried to do it with Flash-Lite’ and didn’t work)

Nothing about availability for any mobile platform 😦

Mix 08 Keynote With Scott Guthrie – Part 8

WPF Apps

Casting line of business application for Cirque Du Soleil

1000 artists nightly in 15 shows (6 resident and 9 touring).

22000 artists in database.

Field-based WPF-based casting system on tablet with camera strapped on.  Scott juggles for an in-the-field-based casting session.  Offline cached database.  Visual form entry and comparisons.

Upcoming WPF improvements in the summer

  • More controls
  • Streamlined Setup
  • Startup
  • Graphics layer

Demo of image or HD video with effects:

  • Hardware acceleration by default
  • Super low CPU usage because efforts on GPU
  • Custom effects API for hardware shading

Mix 08 Keynote With Scott Guthrie – Part 6

Silverlight Demo for Astin Martin website

The demo is about the experiences online, in the dealership and during ownership.


3D model of DBS car (fixed camera moves) – so 3D rendered into 2D factors – can change colours/parts.  Remember Silverlight 2.0 doesn’t do 3D polygons.

Deep zoom into 18GB photo of car interior.

Lots of video on ‘back of’ detail cards in carousel UI.


Samsung UMPC with full WPF application using XNA-based 3D-model with true 3D rendering.  UI on device and output on 2nd monitor.

Mix 08 Keynote With Scott Guthrie – Part 5

Silverlight+Image Zoom/Pan Demo with Hard Rock (I hated the frozen crappy rip-off processed food I had there).

Seem-less image zoom in/out on 2 billion pixels of image.

So no need to look at memorabilia at Hard Rock now that I’ve seen it in detail 🙂  It will also be live at hardrock.com.

Zoom, zoom, yes… we get it.

There’s a toolkit for it.