My ride with Windows Phone 7

Today is the official day for the RTM of the Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools.

It’s a big day for Microsoft.

It’s been a big few weeks for me too recently.  I’ve just finished training dozens of developers in the first WP7 professional training event across North America.  I’ve recorded a few Dot Net Rocks TV episodes, presented and attended WP7 events with Microsoft (and more to come), and have been asked to author various articles. 

I’ve had the luxury (and support from Microsoft Canada) of having a developer device in my hands for a week or two and continue to have access to devices on occasion.  I’ve seen the device app-deployment unlock process and seen the RTM tools for a little while pre-release.  I did see quality, performance and personal preference differences between devices from a couple of phone manufacturers, but I can’t detail those as they were all prototype devices.  I’m looking forward to seeing the retail devices, and I think most of you will be quite satisfied.

I’m now quite familiar with the phone UI and interactions – it really doesn’t take long to get used to it.

I’m enjoying the ride.  I’ve been fortunate.

By the way, I’ve also had a go on a Kinect device and then pre-ordered mine right away – it’s worth it for the exercise alone!

I’d like to thank a few people at Microsoft Canada:

  • Joey deVilla – Microsoft blogger extraordinaire, go-to man for help getting your WP7 apps to marketplace, promoter of my boot camps and generous ring master of devices
  • Christian Beauclair – his mastery of the Microsoft way made it possible for he and I to have device access and enjoy a couple of trips to Montreal sharing the experience with developers there
  • Rick Claus – his generosity ensured I could keep my word with boot camp trainees
  • John Bristowe – pointing some great opportunities my way
  • John Oxley – for having my back and approving all the best parts

I’d also like to thank Carl Franklin at dnrTV and Nitin Bharti at DZone.

I’ll be giving back over the next few months by continuing to share what I’ve learnt at public events and on this blog.