In-Depth Developer Training, Samples, Marketplace Assistance, Promotion, Device Face-Time & Loaner Device Access for Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 devices are coming to market this Oct/Nov in several markets.

Time is running out to get in on the launch and test device access is vital for some applications.

Get these benefits from the Windows Phone 7 Boot Camp that I’m running, sponsored by Microsoft at their Canadian offices:

  • 2 solid workshop days to rapidly build your WP7 Developer knowledge and beyond – covering major topics in depth, samples, exercises and expertise in Microsoft technologies
  • 50!! Demos/Examples
  • Priority invite to Microsoft Canada’s deployment clinics to test your application(s) on a real device unless you have a relationship with Microsoft, this may be your only opportunity before retail device availability!!!
  • FREE go-to-marketplace support from Microsoft to get your application into the marketplace and potential promotion – you’ll be connected with a Microsoft evangelist to help you with getting your application(s) into the marketplace with potential for application promotional
  • Information, 40+ samples & exercises to walk away with

Due to a shortage with devices, Microsoft Canada has withdrawn the loaner program (substituting the deployment clinics) and a device cannot be present in all bootcamp cities.

There are many free resources on the web, but none offer these benefits along with interactive learning.

Want More?  How about, all this for less?  Use the promo code WP7BOOTCAMP to get $100 off.

Register today.


Released Today: Silverlight 4 RTW, Tools RC & Blend 4 Preview Update

Silverlight 4 went RTW (Release to Web) today – you can find it on the site.

What was not widely discussed is the fact that the Silverlight 4 Tools for Visual Studio 2010 release is officially an Release Candidate, not yet officially an RTW quite yet, though may be declared one if no major issues are found.

Scott Guthrie detailed this in the Channel 9 Live broadcast following the Silverlight 4 launch event.  Go to the Silverlight 4 launch video and select the Channel 9 Live On Demand option, then skip ahead to 01:34:30 where he talks about these 3 things.

Full Expression Studio for MSDN Premium Subscribers

As part of his Silverlight 3 release announcement, Scott Guthrie stated:

Expression Studio 3 will be included as part of the MSDN Premium and higher subscriptions (meaning MSDN Premium customers don’t have to pay anything extra to get all of the Expression Studio products).

Technically Premium is the highest subscription but there are three of them: VS Pro + Premium, VS TE + Premium and VS TS + Premium.

If the implication is that VS Pro + Premium now includes the full Studio, then this is a much welcome albeit overdue upgrade, as previously only Expression Web and Expression Blend were available to VS Pro Premium – you needed VS Team Suite + Premium for the full Studio.  Also, previously only Partners at the lowest level (“Registered”) could get an Action Pack subscription (with web benefit) including the full Studio leaving Certified and Gold Certified Partners with just Web and Blend in their included VS Pro/TE + MSDN Premium subscriptions benefit.