Mix 08 Keynote with Scott Guthrie – Part 1

Standards-based web development

Just launched:

.NET 3.5 (includes Linq), Visual Studio 2008, IIS 7 (very componentised), Windows Server 2008

Coming in 2008:

New APS.NET MVC, ASP.NET AJAX update, New ASP.NET Data Dynamic.  Information about this has been on Scott’s blog for a while.

IE8 – first public preview (mostly about standards)

1 CSS 2.1 support

2 CSS Certification – 702 test cases contributed by MS to W3C group because spec can have some ambiguous interpretations

3 Performance – modern sites are script-heavy – ie8 much closer to other browsers

4 Start of HTML 5 support – supporting back button in AJAX, (first demo applause), disconnection notification, local offline storage (applause)

5 Developer Tools – Debug developer tools in IE8 – Break points, watches, object model and applicable style tree syncing from selection (applause)

6 Activities – integrating experiences – select browser text and see popup-menu of activities (maps, purchase, ebay, etc.) declared through xml in minutes – OpenService Specification (through Creative Commons)

7 WebSlices – Subscribe to information related to pieces selected on a page (then carried in browser UI across any site), declared through WebSlice Specification (again Creative Commons).

8 Beta 1 available to developers microsoft.com/ie/ie8

Mix 08 Keynote

Ray Ozzie is talking at the Mix keynote.  The slide deck being shown is totally useless in illustrating what he’s talking about.

His 3 Main ideas

1 Something for individuals ??? – missed it

2 Power of choice in the enterprise

Re-factoring software in the enterprise to use partner services and cloud-based services.

3 Embrace a world of small pieces loosely joined

RSS, Rest, etc., you get the idea…

Microsoft offerings over 5 categories

1 Connected Devices

Tech Preview of something coming soon.

Centralised web-based configuration, status & data/app management on your devices, starting with the PC (of course).

2 Connected Entertainment (?)

Personal mesh apparently already being realised through Zune and XBox Live.

3 Connected Productivity

Windows Live for PC/Mobile, Office Live expanding into social mesh (with Office Live WorkSpace just released in Beta yesterday).

4 Connected Business

Shift towards utility computing in data centres and cloud.  Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V (in beta).  More coming in 2008…

Exchange, SharePoint & Office Communicator available as online services in Beta.

SQL Server online data services coming soon!

5 Connected Development

Runtimes: .Net WPF, XNA, ASP.NET, Silverlight.  Further detail coming from Scott Guthrie later in keynote.

Go to visitmix.com to see the keynote

Dungeons & Dragons co-creator dies at 69

Gary Gygax, the co-creator (with Dave Ameson) of Dungeons & Dragons died today, having suffered from health problems.

I played AD&D as a teenager and I bet many of you did too, that is if you aren’t still playing it like Gary was recently.

I remember having the Dungeon Master’s guide with his name on it.

What a legacy, when you think about all the board games, video games and MMORPGs.

Silverlight 1.1/2.0

Hello again!

Tomorrow is supposedly a big day for Silverlight 2.0 at Microsoft Mix conference.

For those that don’t know.  Silverlight 1.1 and 2.0 are the same thing.

Silverlight 1.0 (a browser plug-in) was released last year – it uses a subset of Windows Presentation Foundation in the XAML format and can be scripted with JavaScript.  You can do lovely animated vector graphics, images and streamed video.  It is cross-browser and cross-platfrom.

Silverlight 2.0 has been in alpha for a long time and it has been very quiet except for a few recent posts by Scott Guthrie recently (the man in charge of it at Microsoft).  It has a mini subset of .net 3.5 in it, plus some other classes for talking to the browser.  There’s also control/layout support for complex controls.  It also should be cross-browser and cross-platform – you can use your Windows dev machine to remote debug silverlight running in Safari on a Mac!  It may also include the Dynamic Runtime (DLR) – think immediately compiled and run code – like a command prompt, but much cooler.  See the full details.

Silverlight 1.0 is like a web presentation competitor to Flash.  2.0 is like a web-application development platform.  The implications of bring the whole .NET development community to bear (without having to worry about HTML or Javascript anymore!) is HUGE!.

The rumour would be that Beta 1 will be released at Mix, and a Beta 2 has been talked about.

The big 3 questions for me are:

  • When will it RTM?
  • When will the mobile version (demo’d as WPF/E 2 years ago!)
  • When will video capture be put in (and on mobile!)?

Oh… and when will Microsoft manage to catch up with its development tools for all these new technologies.

Check out the mix website for the live keynote at 09:30 PT tomorrow (March 5 2008).