Mix 08 Keynote

Ray Ozzie is talking at the Mix keynote.  The slide deck being shown is totally useless in illustrating what he’s talking about.

His 3 Main ideas

1 Something for individuals ??? – missed it

2 Power of choice in the enterprise

Re-factoring software in the enterprise to use partner services and cloud-based services.

3 Embrace a world of small pieces loosely joined

RSS, Rest, etc., you get the idea…

Microsoft offerings over 5 categories

1 Connected Devices

Tech Preview of something coming soon.

Centralised web-based configuration, status & data/app management on your devices, starting with the PC (of course).

2 Connected Entertainment (?)

Personal mesh apparently already being realised through Zune and XBox Live.

3 Connected Productivity

Windows Live for PC/Mobile, Office Live expanding into social mesh (with Office Live WorkSpace just released in Beta yesterday).

4 Connected Business

Shift towards utility computing in data centres and cloud.  Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V (in beta).  More coming in 2008…

Exchange, SharePoint & Office Communicator available as online services in Beta.

SQL Server online data services coming soon!

5 Connected Development

Runtimes: .Net WPF, XNA, ASP.NET, Silverlight.  Further detail coming from Scott Guthrie later in keynote.

Go to visitmix.com to see the keynote