Windows Server 2008 (formerly code name "Longhorn")

Pop over to Microsoft’s product page and you’ll see that official name for Windows Server “Longhorn” is now Windows Server 2008.

So they definately didn’t want an outdated product name, and this also allows for a later than previously announced Q4 2007 release.  The previous pledge was for a new server product every four years (so 2003 to 2008 doesn’t fit that pattern) with R2 releases every two, so I wonder how far behind W2K8 R2 will be…

Of course the virtualisation component of W2K8 is already delayed to follow 180 days after server RTM, for free.

Check out the review of Beta 3 on the SuperSite.


One thought on “Windows Server 2008 (formerly code name "Longhorn")

  1. B3 rocks! Been using that for a few days, and I can actually run an IIS server now! It used to be impossible before, as IIS refused to serve up anything despite anything I did….

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