Windows Live Writer for blogging

I’m giving Live Writer (beta) a go right now to create entries on my WordPress account.

The immediate upsides observed:

  • Much better editor – just having more space feels better
  • Spelling checking
  • Quicker to launch
  • Inserting a link is much easier
  • Has some extensibility

The immediate downsides observed:

  • Can’t add more categories directly
  • Not MDI so each New brings up a new window
  • Inserting a link still requires me to type or paste in the link – it would be better if it launches a small browser window (optionally) that it would take the link from

It would be good if I could also directly link to the stats and comments pages or have that in the UI.  I haven’t looked at the extensibility yet, but I probably will if I stay comfortable in the UI.


Microsoft Zune Announcement Coming Today…

According to Engadget there will be some kind of Zune announcement today.

I have one.  It lives in its box.  I had business reasons for getting one (and the accessories) which I haven’t had time to dig into yet – the lack of an SDK plays into that.

Let’s see what happens later 🙂

UPDATE:  The rumours are that a meeting occured, but nothing seems to have been announced and it’s now 20:40 in Washington…  There’s a lot of rumours about a Zune 2.0 device or a flash-memory-based device.  Whatever it is, it would that adding Silverlight 1.1 would be a killer move – it would mean the ability to create games and RIA (through a proper wifi connection) on the device; being able to do that on a 1.0 device would be a fantastic move but I don’t know if the processor or flash-rom size is up to it.  Some kind of SDK could do a lot to rally developer support.