Windows Live Writer for blogging

I’m giving Live Writer (beta) a go right now to create entries on my WordPress account.

The immediate upsides observed:

  • Much better editor – just having more space feels better
  • Spelling checking
  • Quicker to launch
  • Inserting a link is much easier
  • Has some extensibility

The immediate downsides observed:

  • Can’t add more categories directly
  • Not MDI so each New brings up a new window
  • Inserting a link still requires me to type or paste in the link – it would be better if it launches a small browser window (optionally) that it would take the link from

It would be good if I could also directly link to the stats and comments pages or have that in the UI.  I haven’t looked at the extensibility yet, but I probably will if I stay comfortable in the UI.


3 thoughts on “Windows Live Writer for blogging

  1. My Dad just started testing it this evening too. He says he likes it better than BlogJet. He also wonders if they will charge for it…I doubt they will, but who knows?

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