Mix 08 Keynote With Scott Guthrie – Part 3

Big Silverlight demo

Beijing 2008 Olympics on NBC – goes live in 150 days

2200 hours of 34 sports live and on-demand afterwards.

Lots of supporting surrounding and in-frame contextual information and commentary.

User-driven rewind of live play!

Olympic event notifications and sharing.

Picture-in-picture from 4 streams for an event.

Done with Silverlight 1.0 apparently.

Dungeons & Dragons co-creator dies at 69

Gary Gygax, the co-creator (with Dave Ameson) of Dungeons & Dragons died today, having suffered from health problems.

I played AD&D as a teenager and I bet many of you did too, that is if you aren’t still playing it like Gary was recently.

I remember having the Dungeon Master’s guide with his name on it.

What a legacy, when you think about all the board games, video games and MMORPGs.

Windows Live Writer Beta 2 For Blogging

It now has (amongst other things):

  • Inline spell checking
  • Direct link to blog management web page
  • Direct link to blog stats web page
  • Easier to link to previous posts
  • Can add categories

Those last three work with WordPress at least.

So I’m happy that the features release match many of the ones I was looking for.  Now if it could have an MDI interface…

Check it out.  Note that http://writer.live.com/ is not pointing to the new stuff for some reason.

Zune Developer Mystery

So despite there being some apparent non-disclosure gag in effect, iLounge is adamant that Microsoft held a day-long meeting with developers on Monday to show off a ‘not bad’ flash-memory-based Zune and a beefier (screen and storage) zune.

My questions are… why was it a day-long event and why developers?  Does this mean some kind of SDK or Silverlight on a Zune could be a possibility?  I certainly hope so.

MS could conceivably release developer information without specifying specs or price and could even provide an emulator (like the Windows mobile emulator) so is this developer news or not?