A Step-by-Step Guide to Building and Deploying A Windows Phone 7 Application to Marketplace

Do you want to know how to develop a Windows Phone 7 Silverlight application from scratch and submit it to the Marketplace via the new Microsoft App Hub?

My new article of DZone shows you just that with an application (that is live on marketplace for free) and demonstrates a few patterns/elements such as: MVVM, MVVM Light, Phone styles, Grid layout…

20101026 dzone



Enjoy Smile


Use the WPDTPTConnect/WPConnect Tool to Debug WP7 Apps on Devices Without Running Zune

The Windows Phone Developer Tools October 2010 Update (and breath) has been quietly released.

It includes a major tool for debugging applications on devices, that was mentioned back in the Summer during Microsoft WP7 Jump Start training, but not publically released.

It allows you to debug WP7 applications on a connected device without running the Zune software.

This is a good thing for two reason (personally to me at least):

  • You don’t have to launch the huge Zune software to do device debugging
  • It allows debugging of applications using certain features that could not be used when the Zune software was running with a connected device: Media Launchers or Choosers; XNA Framework playback of song objects; Silverlight playback of video or audio content using the MediaElement control

To use it:

Connect your device

Close the Zune software if running – and you can prevent it from launching on device connect by going to Settings->General and uncheck the appropriate box.

Open a command prompt and navigate to:

  • For 32-bit OS – %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft SDKs\Windows Phone\v7.0\Tools\WPConnect
  • For 64-bit OS – %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Microsoft SDKs\Windows Phone\v7.0\Tools\WPConnect

Run WPConnect.exe

That’s it – now you can debug on the device without the Zune software ‘in the way’.

To go back to using Zune, just launch it again.

Microsoft MVP Award for Silverlight





On Oct 1 2010, the award of Microsoft MVP was bestowed upon me, for "exceptional contributions to technical communities worldwide" by the Silverlight team.

I would have mentioned it sooner but for the facts that (1) you don’t easily get an award without being busy and (2) I had to wait for permission to use the award logo.

The MVP award process (which involved signing an NDA, signing up for benefits, agreeing to logo usage terms, getting access to the MVP site, receiving a physical package, being invited to the annual MVP summit and having access to product teams) is a well-oiled machine.  Naturally the terms of the NDA prevent me from saying anything I learn that is not legitimately public, but of course I will be blogging merrily about those things when they are officially announced.

About that physical package – it included an actual physical award (heavy and made of glass), a pin, a card and a certificate…

20101013 - award

That "2010" is a separate pieces that slides on.  It will take a few years to fill up the side of the award – another goal Smile

20101013 - cert


I’d like to thank the Microsoft Canada’s DPE (Developer & Platform Evangelism) team and Simran Chaudhry for their relentless support in nominating me.

Hello, Windows Phone 7!

A new mobile developer web magazine launches today.

From the press release:

Mobile Developer Magazine Launches

CALGARY, Alberta, October 1 — Mobile Developer Magazine (MDM) is a new industry publication by mobile developers, for mobile developers, and is now online at http://www.mobiledevmag.com.

Mobile applications and architectures are evolving at an incredible speed; in order to grow with direction and success we must collaborate our knowledge. Developers shape the future of technology, and through MDM, seasoned coders to CEOs, and nearly everyone in between involved in the mobile developing world has come together.

Yours truly has a featured article in issue #1.

Want to know more about Windows Phone 7 and see how easy it is to build a application?  Check out the article.


20101001 mdm