3 Windows Phone 7 Developer events in Ottawa this coming week with a Developer Device!

3 Important Windows Phone 7 Events in Ottawa featuring a real developer device…

1 Microsoft Canada Windows Phone 7 Ottawa Deployment Clinic – Sep 1st 2010

So you have a WP7 application in development, but you need to see how it works on a real device ahead of the marketplace opening in October?

The emulator currently available as part of the Windows Phone Developer Tools Beta, provides a great testing environment for many, but not all, of the platform’s features.  The capabilities of your application may necessitate testing on a real device.  Devices are available to purchase at retail in the November so you may need access to a real device for testing in the meantime.

Over the next few months Microsoft Canada will be holding a series events in Ottawa where you can try out your WP7 apps on a real device.

The first one will be held at the Microsoft Ottawa office (5th floor at the World Exchange Plaza) on Wed Sep 1 2010.  To request a testing slot, please contact Christian Beauclair, let him know about your application and why you’d like to test on a real device.  You should bring along a developer machine if you’d like to make revisions while testing.

Not ready to test on a device yet?  Future events will be held at the office and at coffee and code events around town.  Watch http://colinizer.com and http://blogs.msdn.com/b/cdndevs/ for details.

2 DevTeach Windows Phone 7 Boot Camp Sep 2nd/3rd 2010


The phone tools RTM on Sep 16th, the marketplace opens in October and devices expected in November.

Do you have?

· The developer knowledge to build apps for this platform

· Access to device to test your application

· Assistance with getting your application in the marketplace.

With this boot camp you get::

· 2 solid workshop days to rapidly build your WP7 Developer knowledge and beyond – covering major topics in depth, samples, exercises and expertise in Microsoft technologies

· Face-time with a developer device

· 50!! Demos/Examples

· Priority invite to Microsoft Canada’s deployment clinics to test your application(s) on a real device unless you have a relationship with Microsoft, these events may be your only opportunity before retail device availability!!!

· FREE go-to-marketplace support from Microsoft to get your application into the marketplace and potential promotion – you’ll be connected with a Microsoft evangelist to help you with getting your application(s) into the marketplace with potential for application promotional

· Information, 40+ samples & exercises to walk away with

Register today!  Use the code WP7BOOTCAMP to save $100.


3 Microsoft Canada Windows Phone 7 Night in Ottawa (featuring a developer device!) – Sep 2nd 2010

Join Christian Beauclair & Rick Claus from Microsoft Canada, along with Colin Melia from DreamDigital, for an evening about Windows Phone 7 in the flesh.  That’s right, they’ll be there in person, oh and so will a real developer device!

In October, Microsoft will start accepting application submissions on the mobile marketplace for Windows Phone 7 applications, with devices being available at retail shortly thereafter.

Will you be one of the first developers selling a cool application? Are you an IT Pro that wants to figure out how these devices fit into your organization?  To get to grips with this new mobile platform and build on your existing .NET and infrastructure knowledge, you’ll need to know the features of the new phone platform.

Visual Studio 2010 together with the WP7 tools make building applications a delightful experience. During this evening event, you’ll have the opportunity to see the phone in action, learn about the tools and understand how the phone integrates into your enterprise.

You absolutely must be registered to attend.

Register here: https://www.clicktoattend.com/invitation.aspx?code=150519