Silverlight Sample Application – Part 1

In this series blog post I’m starting a new set to talk about the sample Silverlight application that was used in the Ottawa and Toronto code camps this year.

I was given the whole Silverlight track to develop and lead in Ottawa and decided that I wanted to use the opportunity to show how a complete sample application can be built, deployed and adapted for Windows Phone 7.  At the same time I wanted to introduce many of the topics involved with Silverlight development.

Below is the chart showing the 5 sessions presented along with a section at the bottom showing a few other major topics we didn’t have time to include.

20100613 topics 

So, a fair challenge to pull off in 5 1-hour sessions.

This was made possible through the skills of my fellow track presenters: Peter Henry, Sylvain Boucher & Louis-Philippe Pinsonneault.  In particular Peter was my right-hand man and come up with the application concept.

I also repeated the Essentials and Data Matters sessions at the Toronto Code Camp.

You can get the source to the application on CodePlex.

In the next few posts I’m going to explain how parts of the application were built including use of the web browser control and out-of-browser applications…

20100613 home

using LINQ to XML to get data from Twitter…

20100613 tweets

connecting and Binding to OData…

20100613 sessions

and using the Bing Maps Silverlight Control…

 20100613 map  00

Overall the application leveraged the Silverlight Navigation Application project template for navigation.  The template is provided with the Silverlight Tools for Visual Studio.

So follow the series posts to learn how it was done.

In a later set of posts I’ll talk more about Silverlight data in more detail.