Strike I for Microsoft-Developer Relations on Windows Phone 7 Series

I want a Windows Phone 7 Series OS Mobile Phone 7 Phone Windows phone thingy…

I’ll also be lined up to develop application for it too.

However, from the Mix10 blog for the Mix10 event where the development story is scheduled to be officially unveiled (with my highlighting):

Join us at MIX10 and be among the first to learn how to build applications and games for Windows Phone 7 Series. We’ll introduce you to the development platform, show you how to work with the Windows Phone 7 Series development tools, and give you a tour of the Windows Phone Marketplace. All MIX10 attendees will receive access to the Windows Phone 7 Series development tools and have access to a dedicated track on the Windows Phone 7 Series platform that runs throughout the event.
MIX10 attendees will get exclusive free developer support for the Windows Phone 7 Series development tools. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to be among the first to learn about Windows Phone 7 Series.

The first highlight shows a lose-lose statement.


Microsoft risks shunning the hordes of non-Mix-attendees (who didn’t go for many potentially important reasons), by delaying their access to the tools.


Microsoft risks shunning the Mix-attendees because everyone else will undoubtedly get the tools very quickly (if not immediately) if Microsoft is serious about gaining developer support in a short time.


So it really seems like an attempt to get Mix attendance up.  Given that the discount deadline has been extended many times, it seems that getting people to these events is increasingly difficult.

Microsoft has streamed the PDC and Mix keynotes for the last 3 or 4 events now and made session videos available in about 48 hours.  Unless this is about to change, the real benefit of going to these events is business networking.  I’d like Microsoft to publish the keynote and session access numbers.

I’ll be watching and blogging the keynote(s) live.  I’d love to go, but my priorities don’t lead me there this year. 

Update: I’m going!  I’m gonna squeeze it in – so may live tweet and blog later.

The second highlighted statement (about support) is fair enough, but again, if Microsoft is serious about getting developer output in less than 6 months, it will need to offer up something – I’d suggest additional mobile-specific support incidents for MSDN subscribers.

As I mentioned in January, I’m also expecting to see a free ‘Microsoft Visual Phone Developer 2010 Express Edition’, if Microsoft really wants to give this the ground swell it needs for a proper launch.


3 thoughts on “Strike I for Microsoft-Developer Relations on Windows Phone 7 Series

  1. I couldn’t agree more with you about the desire and need to get as many developers ASAP for the WP7!!!! They’ll have to strike while the irons hot, and unforutnately all indications are to the opposite IMHO. They aren’t changing their store policies (each app application costs YOU $100, yes, every application, including failed and successful attempts, each attempt counts, including UPDATES!), AND the dev tools aren’t going to be be made publically accessible until a few quarters from now? WTF? AND there’s talk of a new Expression Blend specifically for WP7…..I’m sure THAT will change but still, just the wif of that doesn’t bode well for this developer who’s looking to get into phone/mobile dev.

  2. For app/game development, I’d expect a switch to at least something like the XNA Creator’s Club.

    On a related note, it appears there are no longer Zune’s available in places like Walmart and Futureshop, and I’ve had at least 2 people ask me about this. They would be happy to buy one now even knowing the not-so-great (in 6 months) story that Windows Phones will have Zune on them. It’s quite possible that Windows Phone will raise the profile of Zune enough that people will want small cheap music players again. Perhaps the Danger acquisition will provide Windows Phones with Zune that are cheap enough for teenagers to buy. A 6 month hole is a big risk though. No Zune pass in Canada was a bit of a flaw and must be in place in Canada for Windows Phones 7 Series, for it to really fly in the lower age market.

    • Very true, and that is something Apple has in the iPod Touch, a very cheap ($200) media and game player. Heck, I got one cause it was cheap. I also hope MS can have a cheap player to let (cheap) devs get into the phone/dev market!??!?!?

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