Silverlight 4 Sample Source Code from PDC 2009 Now Available

Head over to the blog of Microsoft’s Corp VP Scott Guthrie for the details on getting the source code for the demos he used in his PDC 2009 Day 2 Keynote.

These demos include local webcam still and recording capture with effects, a barcode reading demo, rich text support and the ever popular jigsaw puzzle brush demo but this time with a live embedded web page that can even contain a live flash movie!

A notable omission is the code for the Facebook integrated app.  That demo showed an application that ‘picked up’ picture files from a memory card storing pictures of the PDC audience just takes with a camera.  I couldn’t find the help resources for this kind of ‘device access’ feature that was announced.  I’m thinking that perhaps this feature was not included in the publically downloadable beta.  Scott did say that the Facebook app sample would ship later, but I guess not just yet.