Silverlight 4 Beta Available

Oh yes – announced at PDC yesterday.

I think perhaps March 22nd with VS 2010 fir the RC or final at a squeeze.  According to Scott Guthrie, the RC may have more hardware accelerateion.

Silverlight 4 features:

  • Webcam & Microphone on the machine (including raw access); multi-cast streaming; offline DRM support
  • Printing; rich text; clipboard access; right click; mouse wheel; implicit styles; drag/drop; bidi & rtl; html hosting (including content as brush); commanding/mvvm; additional controls (including rich text)
  • Compile once, use in both SL and .NET 4; UDP multicast (p2p); rest protocol enhancements; improved WCF support (inc. TCP channel support); RIA Services; works better with OData (Astoria)
  • Offline features include: Windowing APIs; Notification popups; HTML hosting; Drop Target
  • New offline ‘elevated’ features include: Custom Windows Chrome, Local File System, Cross-Site Network; Keyboard in Full Screen Mode; Hardware Device Access; COM Automation of local objects (and location APIs).
  • Twice as fast; 30% faster startup; new profiling support
  • Support for Google Chrome.
  • Under 5MB to install.
  • Will ship the Silverlight 4 Facebook-integration demo as reference sample
  • 70% of voted-for Silverlight 4 features (including 9 of top 10) included

Visual Studio 2010 Silverlight support: WYSIWYG Design Surface (not news), XAML IntelliSense Improvements; Improvements for Data Binding, Layout & Styles; WCF RIA Services Integration

Check out the PDC sessions (video showing up in the near future) on Silverlight 4:

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