ServePath’s GoGrid Cheaper than Microsoft’s Windows Azure

… at the very least if you spend more than $150 a month, i.e. on a real application, based on the pricing information available to compare today.

Comparing GoGrid pricing details (on the Business Cloud pre-paid plan) to those for Azure:

  • For Storage, capacity prices are the same but GoGrid provides 10GB free.
  • For Compute, GoGrid is $0.12 per GB-hour as is Azure, but Azure doesn’t specify GBs of RAM, just hours so it’s hard to compare the detail.  GoGrid moves to just $0.10 or $0.08 per GB-hour on higher plans.
  • For Data in/out GoGrid is $0.25 (or $0.20/$0.17 on higher plans) out and FREE in, whereas Azue if $0.15 out + $0.10 in.

Microsoft says it will offer discounts for partners and plan at launch, i.e. still not information available to properly compare.