Inauguration in an Adolescent Country

CNN’s coverages went on about their PhotoSynth effort, but never once (that I noticed) mentioned that it was a Microsoft product.  Perhaps Microsoft didn’t pay their product placement fee or legal said it was a bad idea?  US commerce at its ‘best’.

Aretha sang “My country ‘Tis to Thee”, but it isn’t her country’s song.  It’s the British National Anthem with other lyrics – so much for US innovation.

A CNN contributor said that the rest of the world is waiting for the US to take the lead.  This is the kind of thinking that means the US can’t take the lead.  I doubt any EU country has a majority that would agree with his claim.  Leadership is gained by being taken (not so well in Iraq), appointment or through evolution from a position as a role model.  The US has a long way to go in many areas before it would be considered a leader by many other nations.

The US needs to stop claiming national ‘triumphs’ in an over congratulatory way such as electing a president of African descent (old news in other nations) when the same nation also fostered the adversity being overcome.  It is indeed an achievement, to overcome one’s shortcomings, so well done US, but this is not the kind of thing you want to sing and dance about too much; not if you want to appear as a mature country to other countries.  Real triumph will happen if Barack Obama can show true leadership to the rest of the world in ‘welcome’ areas.  I suspect, “yes he can,” but it will not be through the old stereotype still being put out there.  Stop broadcasting to the rest of the world claiming that the US is the greatest nation on Earth – extremely short-sighted.  Recognise that capitalism with the desire for market growth (above population growth), leads to the use of money to place the balance of power in the hands of the few.  Money is currently a strangle-hold.  If a village full of people all found themselves out of work in a recession (or through some disaster), the logical reaction would be a switch back to basic self-sustaining bartering/trading of skills, basic needs and resources within that community, bypassing the ‘free’ market and money system.   This would be a loss of control for those with money.  The recession is a matter of national security for the US because it could mean not only a loss of control of assets to other nations, but a loss of internal control when people have become so accustomed to being led to use their credit cards, that they either don’t know how to work in a community potentially resorting (in small pockets) to more desperate measures or bypass the larger system of control in those communities.

Well done Barack.  Here’s hoping you tackle the issues that matter in the long run, eat some humble pie on behalf of your country, and show the US as a decent role model, demonstrating that money and profits are not as important as your residents have been led to believe.  Star Trek world here we come?

P.S.  Barack, you’re the president now.  Lead by example and have the schedule run on time 🙂

P.P.S. CNN said that the justice messed up Barack’s oath.  Actually, Barack jumped the gun on repeating the first time first, interrupting the justice.