Summary of Major Announcements at PDC 2008 Day 1

Windows Azure and Azure Services CTP – cloud computer OS and services.  You need to be a PDC attendee or have a Microsoft fairy-god-person to get full access to the CTP for now.  Full commercial availability is disclosed as H2 2009.

Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio CTP – templates and local developer cloud environment for building Azure applications.

SQL Data Services – renaming of SQL Server Data Services and announcement that other SQL Server features (e.g. SSRS) will be added.

Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0 CTP which includes programming models for concisely expressing concurrency including the Task Parallel Library and Parallel LINQ, plus for native code, the Parallel Pattern Library and Concurrency Runtime.  See more info on Soma’s blog.

All Microsoft Server products will be made available in the future through Microsoft Online Services.

Chart control for Silverlight – part of the pack given to PDC attendees.

Oslo modeling platform – part of pack given to PDC attendees.

Windows Live ID is publically committing to support the OpenID digital identity framework and has a CTP coming up.


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