Silverlight 2.0 RTW?

No it hasn’t happened, but I’m expecting it any day now.

Why?  Because if memory serves me well, Microsoft talked about the end of the summer for release but they also said at Mix this year that they’d be using Silverlight 2.0 for the MSNBC Olympic games.  There is Silverlight video content on the site right now, but it seems unlikely that they’d settle for a Beta 2 version.

The Olympic opening ceremony is this Friday and some notable Microsoft bloggers have been extremely quiet for the last few weeks, which I believe translates into either all out deadline slog or lots of holidays.

Alongside a Silverlight 2.0 RTW, roughly at the same time, there should at least also be Blend 2.5, .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 and final VS Tools.  A SQL Server 2008 RTM (currently at RC0) is also probably imminent…

A quick Google shows similar thoughts by others.

It’s about time, and given that this release is quite a while after Mix, I’d expect 2.0 to get lots of coverage at this year’s PDC.

Note that Microsoft is currently looking at starting a limited closed preview of Silverlight 2.0 for mobile.  Perhaps we’ll see 1.0 for mobile released shortly too.

Update on August 11 2008:

So no Silverlight 2.0 RTW yet, but with .NET 3.5 SP1 and VS 2008 SP1 just released today, it can’t be long now.

Update on September 28 2008:

It’s now gone to RC0, hopefully RTW by PDC at the end of October…


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