iTunes DRM-free doesn’t mean Scott-free Sharing

In a comment on Mack’s post about iTunes going DRM-free I speculated whether they would still keep identity information in tracks to fight file sharing.

Well I’ll happily boast that I seemed to have called it.

The BBC is reporting that the new DRM-free tracks have the full name and email address of the purchaser in them! 

The DRM-‘full’ tracks apparently also had this, but it appears that DRM-free, doesn’t mean scott-free or audit-free sharing.

I personally really think this was to be expected.  Perhaps it’s stated somewhere, but it’s clearly not obvious to most.

So don’t expect someone to set up something like the old-style Napster again fueled by iTunes downloads šŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “iTunes DRM-free doesn’t mean Scott-free Sharing

  1. @Mack: If they were to find an song from iTunes in a P2P site, they’ll have complete information as to who put that up there. Easy identifiaction šŸ™‚

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