Outlook 2007 RSS support… or lack thereof

This is what the Mix07 feed looks like in Outlook 2007… This happens for a small number of feeds including the WinSuperSite feed.


Really annoying!


3 thoughts on “Outlook 2007 RSS support… or lack thereof

  1. Hello, I can’t reproduce your problem on my end. I have the Supersite and while Paul only sends out partial RSS from there, I can get the subject and I don’t have this problem you have. Try deleting your app data and then re-import your opml. Either that, or most likely you need to redefine your Outlook “Views” There are a million of them.


  2. Jason, it’s only on those two feeds out of 30+. I haven’t touched the views. Perhaps I’ll try the app data.

    Mack, yes I’m going to go back to Inbox.

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