Disappointing Silverlight release schedule

Today – April 30 2007

  • 1.0 Beta
  • Silverlight Streaming Beta service
  • 1.1 Alpha
  • Full Expression suite 1.0 (leaving software developers in the dust with 6+ months waiting for Visual Studio Orcas)
  • Expression Blend 2.0 preview

‘Summer 2007’

  • 1.0 Release

Undisclosed timeframe

  • 1.1 Release
  • 1.1 Tools for Visual Studio – tied to Visual Studio Orcas release
  • Mobile device support – which could be a real flash killer

That’s a long time to wait to be able to use this technology. Will there be a Go Live license for this stuff?


6 thoughts on “Disappointing Silverlight release schedule

  1. Yup. No self respecting geek would touch Silverlight 1.0 when he’s seen 1.1, and that too if an Alpha is available…

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